Quality Management

Quality in each step of processing

In our quality control laboratories, each step of production is randomly controlled and all physical analysis conducted by our qualified lab personnel. All results are recorded carefully for each lot and interfere the production if necessary. Produced each lot is carefully analysed with sungift specifications as well as our customers if applicable. And all resultas are registered under final quality control forms.

During production, moisture, oil and ocra toxin analysis are conducted in our own labs. Additionally, pesticid analysis (from both raw material and final products), heavy metal analysis are done at the accredited outsourced laboratories. Finally, if the produced lot meets all required conditions, the lot is cleared for shipment.

Safe processing

Uzunoğlu agricultural products serves its customers with IFS, BRC, TSE, Kosher and Halal quality certificates .

From Turkey to

We are exporting our products to all European countries, Kanada, Japan, East European Region, Dominican Republic, Trinidad, Jamaica with our Sungift brand and private labelled brands.