Seedeless Raisins/Sultanas

Seedless grapes are one of the most suitable types for drying purposes. Our products are from vitis vinifera l. Type of seedless fresh grapes that are sun dried. Sultanas are numbered from type 7 (the darkness colored) to type 11 (lightest colored). Sultanas are differed in 5 types , as type 7, type 8, type 9, type 10, type 11. In addition to color, sultanas are differed by their berry sizes (jumbo, standard, medium, small, extra small) Harvesting starts in august and sun drying continue till end of september.

Raw material procurement can be done on a 12 month period due to having widely spreader supply chain. Additionally, in our premises retail packing lines are able to pack from 10 gr. to 1000 gr. We supply widely retail stores in France, Nederlands, U.K., and Germany. Our packing materials are in accordance with international food packing policies.

Our packing variety