Food Safety

Food safety is our key factor

Our sundried raw material has been carefully purchased by our experts after being controlled with our quality standards.

Each lot is being numbered and marked with arrival date, producer and quantity to obtain the traceability.

Full procedure handled by the technology

In our processing plant, sultanas are treated in washing, lubrication, selection and sizing procedures. After pre-selection section (sultanas are freed from cap stems, stalks, foreign materials), our sultanas are washed in drinkable fresh disinfected water and stored in small bins for 24 hours before running thru the processing line. Our products are traded with 100 % vegetable oil based on our customer choices. In the processing line sultanas are passed thru various stages including laser scanners and x-ray machines to eliminate all moldy, undeveloped berries, foreign materials and stones. All imbedded stones also carefully selected by our x-ray machines. Metal detectors are used for final control to ensure all legal food safety requirements are met.

High quality

To reach our 20.000 m/t yearly high quality production capacity, all our products are run thru 5 laser scanners , 2 x-ray machines and 2 metal detectors. In addition 4 packing machines are used for retail packing.